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Embedded System Training in Chandigarh

Advanced Programming in ‘C’,8 Bit Intel 8051 & 8052 Micro Controller

Today, we are surrounded by computing systems and every controlling system has embedded systems as a major part. Almost every digital or electronic system makes use of this technology. Air traffic control system is the best example of embedded design, wherein, the entire system depends upon embedded technology. Apart from this, embedded systems are also found in digital cameras, cell phones, washing machines, home security systems, calculators, lighting systems, automated teller machines and what not. This technology is rising rapidly and is reported to have made its presence felt in the nuclear industry as well.

This clearly shows that there is a very high demand of professionals in this field. Students interested in this field definitely have a bright future ahead, full of opportunities. Designing such systems is not an easy task and experience and knowledge about embedded schemes is very important as all high level control systems are used. For this, expert guidance is needed from an excellent platform.

TCIL-IT Chandigarh provides just the perfect platform for this. We have experienced specialists of embedded technology with us. They will impart knowledge and enhance your skills, thus preparing you for a bright future. They will tell you how the industry functions and will impart knowledge to help you start a career in this field.

Every candidate can also benefit from our relationships with the people and companies from the industry. Our training is always result oriented and this is clearly reflected in the fact that many of our students are working in famous companies of the industry.

Our main objective is to keep our training program updated with the latest technology. TCIL-IT Chandigarh is a well reputed company and high ranking company not only in Chandigarh but all across India.

Advanced Programming in ‘C’
Course Content
  • Introduction to ‘C’
  • Characteristics of ‘C’
  • History of ‘C’
  • Constants, Variables
  • Operators
  • Conditional statements & loop
  • Functions
  • Recursion structures , union & File Handling
  • Pointers, Macros, Arrays, Strings, Graphics, Linear Search
  • Binary Search, MergeSort, HeapSort, RadixSort, Quick Sort
8 Bit Intel 8051 & 8052 Micro Controller:
  • Micro Processor vs. Micro controller, CISC v/s RISC, Block diagram
  • pin details,SFR, Addressing Modes
  • Instruction Set, Timers & Counters, Interrupts, ISR
  • Serial communication
  • Liquid Crystal Display, ADC, DAC, Stepper Motor, DC MOTOR
Embedded ‘C’ Programming using KEIL Software:
  • Characterstics of KEIL Software & Importance of Assembly
  • Discussion on Embedded Software Development Different Memory Modules & on Volatile Keyword
  • Data types & extensions provided by
  • Micro controller, Logic Controller
  • Analog to Digital Convertor, Traffic Light System Interface
  • 7 Segment Display, LCD, Keyboard, Stepper Motor
16 Bit dsPIC30f6010 Micro Controller (MPLAB Version 7.x):
  • Introduction ,CPU, Data Memory, Program Memory
  • Flash and EEPROM Programming, Reset Interrupts
  • Oscillator, Low Voltage Detect(LVD)
  • Watch Dog Timer and Power saving modes, I/O Ports
  • Timers, Input Capture, Comparison of Output
  • Motor Control PWM,10-bit A/D converter, UART
  • Serial Peripheral Interface(SPI), Inter Integrated Circuit(I2c)
  • Data Converter Interface(DCI), CAN module, Quadrature Encoder
  • Interface(QEI), Description of PIC 30f6010
  • Variation of PIC 30f6010, Addition & Subtraction of 8/16/32-bit numbers
  • Incrementing/Decrementing of 8/16/32- bit numbers
  • Conversion of ASCII to HEX / HEX to ASCII
  • 8-16 bit BCD to Binary/ Binary to BCD
32 Bit ARM Micro Controller:
  • Phillips LPC 2129: Detailed Treatment / Description
  • General Description, Architecture, Memory , I/O Ports
  • Timer , Addressing modes, instruction Format
  • ISP and IPA,CAN, UARTs, 12C, ADC
  • Vectored Interrupt and Interrupt Controllers
  • Watch Dog Timer, ARM